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To our Customers

Welcome to Jewelry Marche

Jewelry Marche aims to be a jewelry show unlike any other seen before.

At the Jewelry Marche, the prices and the designs range from the casual to the current cutting-edge fashion trends.
We have an array of designer jewelry including high-end jewelry for special occasions.

We have finished jewelry as well as loose (gemstones only) for purchase.
We also make original accessories including rings and pendants from these.

Once you have picked your favorite gemstones, we can also design the frame to your liking. You may include the ideas of currently trending designers or authentic designs.
You can own jewelry that compliments your style and is a one-of-a-kind unique piece of jewelry in the world.

Also, many dealers who purchase gemstones locally come together on this occasion, making Jewelry Marche the only event when one can enjoy listening to the wide range of inside local stories and gain knowledge about the original gemstones before they were shaped into jewelry. It is the one event where everyone can listen to the diverse never-before-heard stories associated with the gemstones.

Come simply for a trial at first and by all means experience an as-yet-unknown world.

We have organized for English interpreters to be available all the time at the venue so please feel free to come at your convenience.

We also provide venue access information and reply to your various queries so please feel free to contact us at the following email address and our person in charge will get back to you.


For Exhibitors

At Jewelry Marche we welcome overseas exhibitors.

Aspiring exhibitors may please contact at the following email address.
Our person in charge will get back to you with further details.

jimukyoku@jewelry-marche.com (In charge:Toshiaki Negishi)